Our response to COVID-19

PSI INTERNATIONAL, Inc. (PSI) has over 40 years of delivering health related services to our Government and Global Commercial clients through our Health Science practice. Our commitment and strategy is to provide a safe environment to our employees and customers during this challenging time. As the global efforts to combat COVID-19 are taking place, we at PSI International are working to do our part to keep our patrons, staff, and community safe and healthy. We’re closely monitoring the status of things via local, state, and federal sources and will be taking the appropriate actions as the situation develops.

During this uncertain time surrounding the outbreak of COVID-19, our owners have taken extra necessary steps to arrange for our company’s ability to supply customers with the following items.

  • Respirator Masks – 1 million in stock

  • COVID-19 Test Kit – 50 Thousand available from 7 bio companies

  • Cleantech Gel – Derma Sanitizer – 1 Million Stock

  • Protective clothing – 50 thousand

  • Soap and tissue paper